Welcome, I’m glad you’re curious about my website and/or me. The answer to your question is probably “yes”.

I’m passionate about solving the problems that matter. I love enabling conscious behavior and inspiring action.
I am all of the following, except one (guess which is the 1 lie among the 19 truths!):

  1. YouTube consultant
  2. eLearning Developer
  3. certified TaKeTiNa leader
  4. business/marketing advisor
  5. international solo a cappella act & beatboxer
  6. president of a profitable company
  7. certified acupressure practitioner
  8. location independent since 2008
  9. from the San Francisco Bay Area
  10. live looper & recording engineer
  11. improv actor & voice talent
  12. workshop leader & speaker
  13. PhD in French Literature
  14. former Star Trek alien
  15. ham radio operator
  16. producer/director
  17. aspiring acrobat
  18. singing teacher
  19. web designer
  20. sailor

Sam Rogers